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In today’s competitive landscape, companies must actively integrate sustainability into their businesses—a strategy for growth as well as a demand from shareholders, employees and customers. By working with Impact Enterprises through AIMS, companies can leverage the social and environmental impact generated by enterprises to boost their own sustainability.

What is AIMS?



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What is AIMS?

AIMS is an innovative program that introduces selected companies as Corporate Partners to Impact Enterprises through curated engagements that will open doors to new markets, deepen employee engagement and position companies for sustained, value-added growth.

AIMS bridges the Impact Enterprises’ key growth gaps and drives impact by tapping on Corporate Partners’ expertise, know-how, and networks to solve their most pressing problems. At the same time, corporate employees are challenged to apply their skills and business/sector expertise in a different context, drive learning and innovative thinking, while aligning with the Corporate Partner’s CSR agenda.


IIX works with Corporate Partners to identify social issues that align to their strategic priorities, and to match employee skill sets to the needs of selected Impact Enterprises. Corporate Partners and Impact Enterprises receive a pre-training program, leading up to a one-day curated workshop that facilitates solution-oriented engagement. Post-workshop measurement, reporting and marketing materials are provided to the Corporate Partner, with the opportunity to integrate sustainable development products into the Partners’ supply chain.

The program is designed with a 3-step approach:

Future 500 Network

Join the Future 500 Network – a community of global leaders building a more inclusive world.

Become a mentor to some of the most innovative trailblazers in Asia who are creating solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Supply Chain Workshop

Attend a curated workshop and be matched to Impact Enterprises that can add value to your company.

Explore how Impact Enterprises can complement your existing operations by potentially engaging them as suppliers, distributors or merchants while making a positive impact on underserved communities.

Field Visit

Embark on an exciting site visit of Impact Enterprises and observe how their businesses create social, environmental and financial value on the ground.


Sustainability has long been on the agenda of many companies, but those who can move beyond fragmented, reactive approaches stand to gain significant opportunities for growth. By working with Impact Enterprises innovating solutions to social and environmental problems, your company can leverage impact generated by them to boost your own sustainability.

Opportunities include:

  • Accessing a new market of consumers at the Bottom of the Pyramid by engaging Impact Enterprises in your value chains
  • Effectively engage your employees on issues they care about, a crucial factor in retention and competitiveness
  • Foster resilience, inclusiveness, innovation, and sustainable growth

Partner Today

Are you interested in driving innovation and entrepreneurship among employees and the next generation of change makers? Are you seeking to align your company values and CSR program to the Sustainable Development Goals?  Become a corporate partner with AIMS to achieve measurable social and environmental impact for Asia’s most vulnerable communities.