Equity@Scale for Corporates

Equity@Scale for Corporates offers partners who want to involve their employees and integrate sustainability into their businesses a curated engagement with impact enterprises.


Employee Engagement

Expose your employees to future-thinking strategies in the impact sector to enhance their skills, drive social impact, and personal development

Corporate Social Responsibility

Show your commitment to society and the community, attract top talent and gain industry recognition for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Build Inclusive Businesses

Improve your sustainable business practices by engaging Impact Enterprises as suppliers, distributors, or merchants and boost your organizational resilience

Get Started.

Start your journey to be at the
forefront of transforming the
world for gender equality.

Step 1

Sign up for AIMS and join the Future 500 Network

Step 2

Connect with an Impact Enterprise and transition to sustainability

Step 3

Earn the Investing in Inclusion Certificate